Safe participation

On this page you can find material that deals with different aspects of safe participation. The material has been compiled after requests from our members and organizers, who expressed that they want to work with safety at their events and would like inspiration for how to do it and where to start.

The purpose of the material is to contribute to ease to safety-work for organizers, so that they can concentrate on what they are most passionate about: creating events!

Bifrost wishes that we, over time, can expand our selection of material, so that we can cover most possible challenges that deal with safe participation.

This material can be used as inspiration for creating your own safety-material, but as a member of Bifrost you are also welcome to copy the documents completely or in part and use them in your own material. Just remember to credit the source in cases where Bifrost has used texts from other organizations.

If you have any questions about the material and how you can use it in your work as an organizer, you are very welcome to contact Bifrost’s office via e-mail


Guide on how to handle sexual assault (download)

This document deals with how to handle sexual assault which breaks the Danish law. It does not discuss prevention, but exclusively deals with situations where an assault has already happened and provides suggestions on how organizers and safety persons can handle the situation.


10 pieces of advice for making a safe larp (download)

This document contains ten pieces of advice that you can use as approaches to create a safe larp. It deals with both practical aspects and the game design.


10 things to have in your organizer-area (download)

This document is a list of things that are good to have in your organizer-area, for example first aid-equipment and sanitary products. This document is especially intended for first time organizers.


10 pieces of advice for making a (gender)inclusive larp (download)

This document contains ten pieces of advice on how to deal with gender when organizing a larp. It deals with both practical aspects and fiction.


10 pieces of advice for an autism inclusive larp (not yet available in English)

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